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Applicant with history of criminal convictions granted EEA Residence Card following appeal

A foreign national at risk of deportation has been granted an EEA Residence Card, as family member, even though he had a history of submitting false documents and trying to obtain leave in the UK through deception warranting a period of detention.

The overwhelming factor in this particular case, was that the chance of re-offending was slim, given the fact that the Applicant was a minor when he was issued a deportation order for his deceptive application to remain in the UK previously.

Interestingly, current case law seems to suggest that there is an increase in foreign nationals who are falsely imprisoned of detained for a period of time, being eligible for damages due to the violations of EU law.

Many applicants and detainees do not realise the potential claims they can make for breaches made by the Home Office and via the deportation process. If you believe you have been wrongly refused a visa, we can assist in all appeals and preparing of urgent applications if you are facing deportation from the UK.

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