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Save unnecessary court costs by resolving boundary disputes via a solicitor

Many people believe the only solution of resolving disputes with neighbors is to issue court proceedings. This doesn't take into account the cost implications of going to court.

While you will be liable for your own costs of bringing an action, you could also be landed with the costs of your opponent (neighbor) if you lose your case or incorrectly follow the procedure of lodging an application with the court.

The court process is lengthy. Unless you have a strong case and evidence to support, it is unlikely that the dispute will be resolved as quickly as you would like. This could mean waiting longer for permission to build that extension!

Not only does a boundary dispute cause disruption whilst you are living in the property, it would also have implications when you eventually want to sell your property. Any restrictions and ongoing disputes must be disclosed to the purchaser, and this could have a real impact on the value of your property.

Some property owners are unaware that their neighbors have already overstepped the boundary lines, which could result in additional decrease in the value of your property.

If you can agree with your neighbor on the boundary between your two properties, you are encouraged to attend mediation and have a solicitor draft an agreement which is legally enforceable. Not only does this save you significant costs, it also means that disputes can be dealt with amicably, efficiently, and quickly.

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