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What are your legal rights as a cohabitee and how can you protect them?

Many people mistakenly believe they have a legal right to claim contributions made during a relationship when two people have been living in the same household for a long period of time. Instead, they are best placed by entering into a cohabitation document where they can detail their agreement.


What is a cohabitation agreement?

  • A legal document for two people considering living together in the same household or who are already living together in the same household;

  • Can cover what each person owns if the relationship comes to an end what each party can expect to retrieve, for example assets and personal belongings;

  • A legal document which is evidence following a break-up and could save the costs of a potential dispute in the future when considering financial settlement.

What does a cohabitation agreement cover?

  • Property you may own in joint names, specifying the actual share you hold in ownership;

  • Any bank accounts you hold jointly;

  • Liabilities and debts in individual’s names or joint names, including mortgages;

  • Personal items belonging to you;

  • Agreement on what would happen to any pets following separation;

  • Declaration of trust confirming how the assets, property, and capital ought to be separated if the relationship were to come to an end.

Should you consider a will, too?

Unlike married couples, unmarried partners do not automatically inherit their deceased partner’s estate. Therefore, if you want to protect your unmarried partner in the case of your death, a will is always advisable to ensure your intention is adhered to.

Why is it advisable to have a solicitor prepare your cohabitation agreement?

  • A solicitor can ensure the agreement is drafted in such a way to protect your legal interests and financial position;

  • They can advise you of the consequence of separation or the death of one unmarried partner;

  • They can advise on matters relating to children and maintenance;

  • They can ensure that the terms of the agreement are in line with the most recent legislation;

  • It is more cost effective drawing up the agreement with a solicitor instead of making an application to court following separation or finding your agreement was never legally enforceable due to the way in which it has been drafted.

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