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Why EU citizens need to legalise their stay following Brexit

We have recently had a number of EU citizens asking us for our legal advice regarding their rights to remain in the United Kingdom following Brexit. We have advised each of our clients to acquire an EU document confirming they are exercising their treaty right to remain in the United Kingdom.

Recent articles have warned that thousands of EU nationals will be at risk of losing any legal status in the United Kingdom, following Brexit, if they do not hold documentation proving they are legally allowed to live in the United Kingdom.

What many EU nationals do not realise is that if they are working in the United Kingdom, studying, or are a family member of an EU citizen, they still need to apply to continue living in the United Kingdom and will need to register their stay in the United Kingdom.

Whilst many adults do not realise the significance of applying for registration, they are also putting their children at risk of being removed from the United Kingdom when Brexit is fully implemented.

If you would like us to assess your legal status in the United Kingdom and wish to put an urgent application in to the Home Office to protect your residence in the United Kingdom, please contact us for your consultation.

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