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Why Powers of Attorney are becoming increasingly popular

Sometimes we find it difficult to accept that our mental capacity is affecting us making the most basic decisions regarding property, money, and health. With increasing levels of diagnoses of mental health difficulties, especially Alzheimer’s disease, it is advisable to put measures in place to protect your interests.

The best solution in such a situation is to give authority to a person(s) you trust to make those decisions for you. Not only does this reduce the burden on you, but it also means you can allow somebody you trust deal with your financial affairs and make medical decisions on your behalf. Many relatives and friends are finding it increasingly difficult to sort out finances and deal with medical issues for the person in question. Having a power of attorney gives them the power and flexibility.

There are various forms of powers of attorney and depending on your circumstances and we can advise which route would be best for you. Of course, in considering a power of attorney, you should also consider making a will.

If you are considering the process of creating a power of attorney, please call the office to arrange an appointment with one of our specialist solicitors.

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